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What Sets Us Apart

Speed optimization with an eye on RUM data

Speed Improvement With An Eye On Real User Experience
We rely on analytics to uncover your website audience specific optimizations. We prefer an iterative approach rather than a single audit report methodology. We continue to monitor real user experience to identify further improvements as optimizations are applied.

Goal driven engagement

Goal Driven Engagement
We uncover speed metrics that best reflect your visitors’ experience. We find out the tools that best monitor your speed goals. And then, we work towards taking these measurements to where they should be.

Optimize for the long tail and not average

Optimize for Slow Devices and Patchy Networks
We find out the kind of network and devices your visitors use. We then optimize your website speed for average mobile devices on real-world network conditions rather than fast desktops with broadband connections.

We work in sync with your tech team

Minimize Your Tech Team’s Effort
We provide precise code changes rather than general rules or best practices. We work closely with your tech team to overcome technical or legacy difficulties in applying optimizations.

Our Service Offerings

Improve your website speed today

Website speed optimization
Website Speed Optimization
  • Analyze website performance profile
  • Apply optimizations with optimal returns
  • Identify and remove legacy JS and CSS code
  • Audit and optimize loading of third-party libraries
Angular or React SPA optimization
SPA Performance Optimization
  • App bundle optimization for Angular / React SPA
  • Identify and remove / split app shell JS & CSS code for early initialization.
Progressive Web App
Progressive Web App Implementation
  • Service worker implementation with right caching strategy.
  • Service worker life-cycle handling in sync with your dev & build workflow.
Server side performance issues
Performance Consulting
  • Identify server side performance issues.
  • Fix database query performance issues.
  • Server monitoring, sizing and capacity planning.

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