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How It Works

You provide us a bunch of URLs from your site. Typically, these would be the most popular pages on your site that you seek to monitor for any degradation.
Our service monitors Lighthouse scores for the provided URLs. Every day, automatically, to check for any possible degradation. You can monitor and analyze these captured scores any time.
We alert you when the Lighthouse scores degrade. This allows you to identify the changes that caused the degradation and address them at the earliest.

Key Features

Pages Behind Authentication

Our service integrates with HTTP Cookie Headers and Puppeteer to allow you to monitor pages behind login screen.

Reliable Measurements

We leverage high end AWS instances to ensure the Lighthouse Scores are reliable and devoid of any variation due to client / browser side issues.

Accurate Device Simulation

We simulate device and network conditions that reflect the real-world situations. This keeps your Lighthouse scores realistic.

Historical Analysis

Lighthouse measurements from all your past runs are always available within a few clicks. This helps you drill-down and analyze any issue in minutes.

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When Can Your Lighthouse Scores Decline?

  • Inadvertant code changes leading to slow loading pages.

  • Addition / change of third-party scripts causing JavaScript issues.

  • Publishing non-optimized images resulting in slow loading images.

  • Hosting infrastructure issues affecting server response time.

  • Web Server configuration changes leading to server side delays.
Lighthouse Audit Report

Our service alerts you when your scores decline.

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